As Daily News Hungary has recently reported, Liberty Bridge in Budapest is closed down until the end of August because of renovation work on nearby tram tracks and platforms. However, while traffic is suspended, Liberty Bridge is still open to cyclists and pedestrians. On Monday evening, several hundred people showed up to occupy the bridge, reports.

Liberty Bridge is popular with pedestrians even when it is full of cars and trams, since it is a great place to sit down and watch the sunset. On Monday, I bike Budapest, taking advantage of the traffic-free situation, organised an event on Facebook to enjoy the summer evening during a picnic on the bridge. More than 2,000 people expressed interest.


There were people sitting on blankets, drinking, playing music, or even grilling, but people in hammocks hung on the bridge structure were not difficult to find either.


It seems that Liberty Bridge really is the bridge of freedom this summer. Check out this video by SkyDrone:

Photos: MTI

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