mónus archery record
Photo: www.facebook.com/MónusJózsefLászló

“The Hungarian flag above all” – wrote the world-famous Hungarian archer, József Mónus, after setting a new world record in archery, as Szeretlekmagyarország.hu reports.

In May, the Hungarian archer and his team set a new world record at the Niagara Falls by developing a new technique. Now, they have conquered another challenge, the record-setting event of the World Archery and US Archery Federations.

mónus archery record
Photo: www.facebook.com/MónusJózsefLászló

The Hungarian archers broke the records in 4 categories in Wendover, United States, defeating prestigious American, Australian and French archers, among others.

The results, verified by the World Archery Federation, were indeed outstanding: József Mónus broke the record by 25 meters, reaching 897,66 meters altogether.

His partners, Anna Mónusné (643,94 meters) and László Mónus (747,59 meters) also set new records, together with Kiara Prokaj (578,5 meters).

“We made it! We made the impossible, as one could say” – wrote József Mónus after their huge success in all 4 categories of the competition they entered.

Following the contests, the record-setter Hungarian archer is going to visit the Nomad World Game with the Hungarian Kurultaj team.

The team is representing Hungary at the world games in tribal uniforms and performances. Kurultaj in Hungary is an assembly and tribal convention of Hun and Turk identity nations, where numerous ethnic groups are represented. Check out this year’s photos here.

Featured image: www.facebook.com/MónusJózsefLászló

Source: Szeretlekmagyarország.hu

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