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Twenty-seven ethnic groups from twelve countries will be represented at this year’s “Kurultáj Tribal Convention of Hun and Turk identity nations” to be held in Bugac, in south-central Hungary, on August 10-12, organisers said on Tuesday.

The tenth Kurultáj convention will feature more than fifty events, such as horse races, exhibitions and lectures, chief organiser anthropologist András Zsolt Szabó said.

The first Kurultáj convention was held ten years ago and the event has been attracting more and more visitors ever since, Bugac Mayor László Szabó said.

The 1111th anniversary of the battle of Pozsony (now Bratislava) will be marked this year with a battle scene acted out by the participants of the convention, he added.

Featured image: www.facebook.com/Kurultaj-MagyarTörzsiGyűlés

Source: MTI

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