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The automotive industry is developing rapidly, and some of the Hungarian companies are figuring out brand-new ideas as well. According to, one of them is Aimotive. It caught attention at the Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas with its sensors developed for its autonomous cars. Most noteworthy is that their drive-itself technology is not only less complicated but also cheaper than the current systems with their radar technology.

László Kishonti, the founder of the company, believes that we can teach cars how to drive themselves. For that, we need to use the cameras so that the vehicles can see with their “eyes” and decide with their “brains”.

Testing the autonomous cars

Self-driving cars are being tested in California and France but also worldwide-known companies such as

PSA Peugeot Citroën, SAIC, Volvo, Intel, and Samsung are partners of the Hungarian AImotive.

What is more, testing will continue in Japan, China and more stated in the USA this year.

The crew

The globally running company has 170 employees from which 150 work in Szépvölgyi Street, Budapest. This is where research and developing take place. Also, working here is far-reaching:

artificial intelligence researchers, robotics specialists, software developers and testers and a simulation group are among the employees.

car autonomous autó solar AImotive

Current developments

It is essential to develop this solution based on using cameras and supported by artificial intelligence further. Therefore, financial investors have already given 38 million dollars (about 10 milliard forints) to Aimotive. recognised the hard work of Aimotives because it listed the Hungarian startup company as

one of the most influential automotive companies in the world.

Finally, there are more Hungarian innovations that the motor industry can use in the future! A firm from Szigetszentmiklós is trying to accomplish their newest plan. Draspó-Tempo Kft. is developing an intelligent power-steering wheel for big-sized commercial vehicles. First of all, it warns the driver if the vehicle goes out of the lane and it can drive it back. Furthermore, it is monitoring the drivers as well. When they are not active enough, the system warns them first, then if it doesn’t notice any changes, it interferes. The smart-wheel can be built in trucks, tow-trucks, and busses.

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