AImotive has become the first enterprise to receive a license for testing self-propelled cars on public roads in Hungary. This means that anyone in Budapest might encounter a driverless vehicle controlled by sensors and driven by an automatic pilot, according to

AImotive has an installment in Szépvölgyi Street and a fleet of about ten cars. Besides improving their own technology, they are also doing developments for their clients.

The construction of a new test track for robot piloted cars has began in Zalaegerszeg recently. This is quite good news for companies developing this new technology. AImotive, however, has benefit: they may begin testing on public roads way before the completion of the test track, thus receiving a huge advantage compared to the rivals. Moreover, it can test its vehicles among real driving circumstances.

They work with specially trained drivers who were trained to react properly and intervene only when it is necessary. It was one of the conditions to let these cars loose in the streets of Budapest to have a human driver behind the wheel.

They have to document the tests and report to the authorities where they intend to test. Spokesman of AImotive stated that it is the third city where they managed to test on public roads after Finland and California.

It was a much longer process in California, but it was not too difficult, either. We were among the first 40 to receive the permission.

Insurance was one of the biggest problems in the USA, as they had to pay a handsome price for these cars. In Hungary, the insurance construction applied to cars with robotic drivers is yet to be introduced. Getting the license in Finland was not a too complicated process either. The company wanted to test up North, because they intended to test the drivers’ skills on icy roads.

AImotive used to operate under the name AdasWorks. They are working on developing the “eyes” of the cars: they are combining AI with computerized sensors, so the cars may surely recognize every object and make grounded decisions about steering and using the brake in proper time.

This IT system is a complex one, it can differentiate even between the rolling luggage and the person pulling it. It is a reassuring fact now that these cars are roaming in the streets of Budapest.

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