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KEXP in Seattle is one of the world’s most popular alternative radio stations which invited The Qualitons, a Hungarian band, for a live performance on 22nd March. The band has already arrived in Seattle and is very excited about the following days.

In fact, they are the first Hungarian band that has been invited since 1972 when the radio station was founded. Kevin Cole, one of the most important editors of KEXP, is always searching for quality music, and this is how he found the Hungarian band – recorder.blog.hu reported.

He always included some hits of the band in his program and chose as “Hit of the Day” the band’s song called All We Can Do last summer. You can listen to the song below from 4:05:

Furthermore, he said many times that their new album, Echoes Calling, is one of the best 25 albums of 2018. Therefore, he decided to invite the band to his program where they got an opportunity to perform a live mini-concert like The National, Run The Jewels, IDLES, Bonobo, The War On Drugs, Father John Misty, Regina Spektor, Mitski, and Lykke Li and several other bands did before. In fact, KEXP was

the cradle for many stars and popular bands

which is very good news for The Qualitons.

Members of the band said to Recorder that KEXP still has a sense of mission which disappeared in the case of most Hungarian or foreign radio stations. This means that they are steadfast in providing opportunities for new music and bands regardless of actual trends, hypes and where musicians are from. They choose only those bands that, according to them, represent value. Therefore, members of the band are very proud to perform for the radio which is inevitable if they want to enter the global market.

We hope that we did not travel thousands of kilometres in vain, and our music can get to many different people. Not to mention how fantastic it feels that we can play in a studio in which many of our favourite bands played before.”

As we reported before, in 2016, Red Hot Chili Peppers had a concert in Budapest, and singer Anthony Kiedis, drummer Chad Smith and bass guitarist Flea popped in for the concert of The Qualitons, and they even asked for a CD.

Source: recorder.blog.hu

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