bence máté award

Hungarian photographer Bence Máté’s photo “Survival instinct” won first prize in Nature category at the World Press Photo awards, the organisers said in Amsterdam on Friday.

The photo shows frogs struggling to the surface, surrounded by frogspawn, after their legs have been severed for culinary purposes and they were thrown back into the water.

The photo was made in Covasna, central Romania, last April.

“Frogs with their legs severed and surrounded by frogspawn struggle to the surface, after being thrown back into the water in Covasna, Eastern Carpathians, Romania, in April 2018.

Frogs legs are frequently harvested for food in the spring, when males and females gather to mate and spawn. Legs are sometimes severed while the animal is still living. Each year, about US$40 million worth are sold annually, with countries across the world participating in the trade”

Over 4,700 photographers sent in some 80,000 pictures to be considered for the awards, organisers said in a statement. The jury recommended 43 photographers from 25 countries for awards in various categories, they said.

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Source: MTI

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