Hungarian 'Blossom Valley' wins prize at Karlovy Vary Film Festival
Karlovy Vary, 2018. július 7. Csuja László rendezõ (k) az East of the West versenyprogram zsûridíjával a kezében, amelyet a Virágvölgy címû, amatõr fõszereplõkkel készült elsõ mozifilmjéért ítélték oda az 53. Karlovy Vary-i Nemzetközi Filmfesztivál záróünnepségén 2018. július 7-én. (MTI/EPA/Martin Divisek)

‘Blossom Valley’, a Hungarian film by director László Csuja, has won the prize of the Karlovy Vary Film Festival’s East of the West section, the Hungarian Film Fund has said.

The section rewards first and second feature films. ‘Blossom Valley’, Csuja’s first feature film, was created with amateur actors Bianka Berényi and László Réti.

The film tells the story of a young woman, Bianka, living in a housing estate on a city’s outskirts. On a whim, she steals a baby and has to find a “father” and a new place to stay. She is about to give up when she meets Laci who has been living in workers’ hostels so far. He decides to create a home for them.


“Blossom Valley” was produced with a 62 million forint (EUR 190,860) grant from the Hungarian Film Fund.

The film will be shown in Hungarian cinemas from the end of summer.

Hungarian 'Blossom Valley' wins prize at Karlovy Vary Film Festival
Karlovy Vary, 7 July 2018.Photo: MTI/EPA/Martin Divisek


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Featured Image: MTI/EPA/Martin Divisek

Source: MTI

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