After nearly one year of preparation, the delivery of Hungarian breeding and racing horses begin in China in early February announced the ministry of agriculture, MTI reported.

Initially, nine horses (three stallions and six mares) have been chosen and put them in a designated quarantine selected by Chinese officials, located at Szent István University Faculty of Veterinary Science site.

The animals will stay in the quarantine for 30-days; they are fed, and taken care of by a selected group of employees.

After arriving at China, the horses spend another month in quarantine, and they undergo the necessary tests once again.


The animals are expected to be transferred to their new owners on March 1.

Chinese authorities first visited Hungary in January 2015 to provide permits for live animal export; in November last year to carry out tests on the animals a Chinese veterinarian arrived in Hungary. The specialist also took part in the selection of the quarantine and carried out veterinary testing and evaluated laboratory results during his stay in Hungary.

The ministry of agriculture stressed that Hungarian horse export to China is expected to grow in the coming years, which is a recognition of the high standard of Hungarian horse breeding.

According to the communication, interest in Hungarian horses remain significant in China; after the initial successful delivery new export opportunities are expected in the coming years.


Due to their positive impressions, Chinese officials suggested the review of the permit protocol and the relaxation of the strict export rules. The Hungarian government will implement the new rules after the first successful delivery of the horses the ministry of agriculture reported.

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