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The bridge in question is the Mosoni Duna Bridge, realised by the Hódút construction company. It is not only famous for its remarkably good looks but also for the special push technology used as well as for keeping in line with the rather tight schedule – reports

The bridge is located on main road 813 bypassing the city of Győr. The Tibor Klatsmányi Bridge – named after an engineer and bridge constructor – was recently awarded the prestigious Tierney Clark Award.

The award, named after the designer of the Chain Bridge, was founded in 2000. This year, it was awarded to the investor company NIF Zrt., the designers, Pont-Terv Zrt. and Főber Zrt., and the constructor Hódút Kft together.

bridge, tierney clark award
10 September 2018, Budapest. Zsigmond Dezső certified civil engineer accepts the Tierney Clark Award from Andrew, Duke of York.
Photo: MTI, Tamás Kovács

The award ceremony took place this Monday, at the Ceremonial Hall of the Hungarian Academy of Sciences.

Reasons for the bridge’s win

The bridge was built along with the third phase of the main road 813, with the contribution of the Strabarg and Hódút companies. It is the bridge with the 5th biggest opening. Traffic was finally allowed this March, on the last section of the bypassing route.

mosoni duna híd, construction, bridge

The appraising committee made their decision based on 3 criteria:

  1. the aesthetics of the bridge
  2. the special push technology used during the construction of the bridge
  3. succeeding in keeping in line with a rather tight schedule.

Their review describes the bridge as one unique in Hungary, hung with cables arranged like a net and that has an orthotropic steel structure. “The technology used for the construction of the bridge is new and groundbreaking compared to previous attempts due to the petit layout and the tightening cables caused by placing them on two pillars.”

Simultaneous work praised

It is a point of additional celebration that the 180 meters of the bridge completely stretch over the riverbed, keeping the river bank protected.  In addition, the whole structure of the bridge is construed so that as little space can be taken up by construction as possible.

Here is the animated version of the construction of the bridge:

Considering workers had only 5 months to complete the bridge made up of about 1800 tonnes of steel parts, time was a major concern. Construction had to be organised so that various parts of the bridge could be worked on at the same time so that the next stages of construction could start as soon as possible.

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Featured image:átogatóközpont-Mosoni-Duna-híd


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  1. A képen látható Dezső Zsigmond nem vett részt a híd tervezésében és építésében. A híd díját Mátyássy László (főtervező, Pont-Terv Zrt) vette át a résztvevők képviseletében, akiknek ezúton is gratulálunk! A generálkivitelező a Hódút Kft volt.
    Dezső Zsigmond shown on the picture did not take part in the design and construction of the bridge. The prize for the bridge was accepted by László Mátyássy (chief designer, Pont-Terv Ltd) in the name of the participants. The general contractor was Hódút Ltd. Congratulations, this way as well!

    Pálossy Miklós (Pont-Terv Zrt)

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