The unusual incident was recorded by the bus’s surveillance cameras.

According to Minap, Károly Zsolt Kis was driving a bus on line 21 when he noticed that an elderly woman was attacked and the robber tried to take her bag.

The driver immediately slowed down and rushed to the woman’s aid. The man, who also served in a reconnaissance unit in Iraq, successfully chased the attacker away.

In connection with the incident that happened last Friday, the bus driver told Miskolc Television that this was not the first time that he prevented a robbery. He explained that the way the attacker approached the woman was already suspicious. Károly turned the bus to block the road, got off, and pushed the man away. Fortunately, the elderly woman was not injured.

The Miskolc Police Headquarters initiated proceedings on the basis of reasonable suspicion of attempted robbery, and the suspect was taken into custody on Wednesday.

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  1. The ‘liberal left’ (includes Momentum, DK, Socialists, Greens) must all be hoping that the attacker in question is NOT a migrant !

  2. The bus driver is really a hero! Thanks to him! Brave and courageous gentleman!

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