Interestingly, he won many state tenders, as well – according to Magyar Nemzet. Government members and government-close press claimed that Semjén just visited his relatives in Sweden and they hunted together. However, Magyar Nemzet discovered that they were not even there.

State tender winner businessman paid the hunting for Semjén

Two people accompanied the Hungarian Deputy PM in Sweden. One of them is a businessman, József Farkas who owns many hotels in Hungary. According to the Swedish organisers, he transferred the money for the hunting each time. Furthermore, he

won many state tenders after Fidesz came to power and more than 530M HUF (EUR 1.7M) EU-allowances.

For example, Kék Duna Wellness Hotel in Ráckeve and four-stars Oxigén Hotel & Zen Spa received money both from the state and the EU. The latter got 365M HUF (EUR 1.17M) between 2010 and 2014.


Deputy PM Semjén inaugurated Farkas’s new hotel in Noszvaj.

He said then that supporting tourism is in the interest of the national economy. He added that it is important to help Hungarian families spending their free time in Hungary. Thus, the government supports all investments that help the inherence of the Hungarian families.

A company in his interest, Szaktudás Kiadó Ház Ltd won many state tenders, e.g. from the University of Debrecen or the Hungarian Institute for Educational Research and Development. Moreover, they also took part in the Roma Self-government’s scandalous work program.

Lately, the firm appeared in the new when it was entrusted by the Türr István Training and Research Institute to translate 20 years old American agriculture textbooks for 31M HUF (EUR 100,000). However, they published the books without reference to the original authors, as their own which resulted in a huge scandal

Farkas accompanied Semjén five times in Sweden while his son two times.

József Farkas denied that he took part in hunting with Semjén ever. However, Magyar Nemzet contradicted him with photos and other documents. He said on the phone to Magyar Nemzet that he does not know anything about the issue and then disconnected the line. The other stable fellow traveller of Semjén was László Vajai, a former Head of Department in the Ministry of Agriculture.

Deputy PM Semjén and Farkas in Sweden. Photo:

As we reported before, Magyar Nemzet received videos, photos and documents that Deputy Prime Minister Zsolt

Semjén used to take part in luxurious hunts in Sweden for years in total secrecy.

He hunted there in 2012, 2013, 2015, 2016 and 2017 and he did not arrive there alone. According to the organisers, the tours were organised with absolute care and strange precautionary measures. For example, it happened that a whole hotel was rented for Semjén and his company so they can be alone. As a result, nobody could recognise them, especially not other Hungarians.

The price for the trips was horribly high, 4-5 million Swedish krona (EUR 500,000) for each.

Jobbik launched legal procedure against Semjén

regarding his financial statement that according to MP György Szilágyi should have contained these trips financed by a businessman.


Source:, Daily New Hungary