Zsolt Semjén on reindeer hunting in Sweden

Magyar Nemzet received videos, photos and documents that Deputy Prime Minister Zsolt Semjén used to take part in luxurious hunts in Sweden for years in total secrecy. In fact, Semjén is the second on Fidesz-KDNP’s party list for the 2018 parliamentary elections. Not only deputy PM Semjén likes to spend money on luxury. For example, cabinet minister Antal Rogán took a luxury helicopter ride in 2016 to a wedding of her wife’s friend. What’s more, a helicopter will pop up in Semjén’s story, too.

Hunting in total secrecy

According to people Magyar Nemzet spoke with, deputy PM Semjén has been flying to Sweden once a year since 2012. They added that the president of the Christian Democratic Party hunts mostly for reindeer, moose and fool-hen. He hunted in Sweden in 2012, 2013, 2015, 2016 and 2017 and he did not arrive there alone.

He was always accompanied by a former Head of Department in the Ministry of Agriculture who hunted together with Semjén. According to Magyar Nemzet, the tours were organized

with absolute care and strange precautionary measures.

For example, it happened that a whole hotel was rented for Semjén and his company so they can be alone. As a result, nobody could recognize them, especially not other Hungarians. According to the organizers, it was very important to help Semjén to be successful. Furthermore, they learnt that he does not like long walks thus; they allowed him to move by a horse.

The price for the trips were horribly high, 4-5 million Swedish krona (EUR 500,000) for each.

Furthermore, luxurious extras even increased prices. For example, a helicopter ride in September last year to catch up and hunt down a reindeer.

Semjén simply does not have enough money for such luxuries

In fact, renting a helicopter is very expensive in Sweden, it costs 25,000 krone (EUR 2,464) for an hour. However,

Semjén’s monthly gross income as minister is 1,1M forints (EUR 3,533).

Furthermore, according to his financial statement (2017), his savings barely reach 5.5 M HUF (EUR 17,668).

It has been long known that Semjén is very passionate about hunting. He said to government-close Echo TV that communist leader János Kádár and János Fekete consolidated hunting in Hungary. He added that

hunting is independent from politics and it is a hungaricum (something specifically Hungarian).

Furthermore, in an interview, he talked about shooting roaming dogs to prevent the damage they cause to the economy and nature.

Photo: Magyar Nemzet

Source:, Daily New Hungary

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