Budapest (MTI) – Hungarian church leaders celebrated the first day of Christmas on Thursday.

Reformed Church Bishop Gusztav Bolcskei stressed the importance of order in a service held in Debrecen’s Great Church, saying, however, that there should be a distinction drawn between godless order and the order of God. In the godless order “there is no place for the children of Bethlehem, only for armies, the rule of force, violence, murder, pedophilia and persecution.”

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Peter Gancs, Presiding Bishop of the Hungarian Lutheran Church, told the congregation in Budapest’s Deak Square Evangelical church that ever since the birth of Christ, earthly life could be seen as a gift to human beings. Life is a gift and a mercy which we can share with others, he said.

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Roman Catholic Cardinal Peter Erdo in his midnight sermon to a packed St Stephen’s Basilica in Budapest said that Jesus was the real pastor who, from eternal glory, embarked on a search for fallen humanity so as to take the lost lamb home on his shoulders.

“But if we are lost then the finding exists; then we do not wander aimlessly on the byway but have a home where we are awaited. A home to which Christ takes us with gladness — if we let him find us.”

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