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Attrecto Zrt. having offices in Győr and Budapest was the only Hungarian company listed by Financial Times as one of Europe’s 1000 fastest growing companies, says In the examined period, between 2012 and 2015, the company increased its sales returns by 786 per cent and at present it employs more than 60 people.

A pioneering Hungarian company

The company established in 2010 dealt with mobile and web technology at first, but by now it has become a pioneer at developing the “next-tech” digital solutions of tomorrow. Attrecto holds the 142th place on the European list of Financial Times, which – being the only Hungarian company on the list – makes it the fourth fastest growing company in the Central-European region.

The founders of the company still leading it today have gained software developing and leading experience at SAP, which helped them to build a company that can satisfy even the needs of the most considerable business partners, they say. At present, the company is providing softver developing services and technological guidance for a number of large international enterprises.

Kiss Gergely, director of the company, told that the key of their growing tendency is the energetic and innovative attitude they represent.

“We are constantly in motion, we are just over a transformation that widened our palette of services. Our goal is to satisfy the digital needs of our partners more efficiently. Our new name, the Attrecto – Next tech digital solutions, represents our attitude in work more precisely, while our new service, the “Digital Discovery” helps our partners already in the pivotal exploratory period preceding the developments with the focused professional knowledge that is of Attrecto.”

Digital future

According to the company’s director, the digital renewal is inevitable for any branches of industry, and the solutions believed to be the technology of tomorrow, such as artificial intelligence, virtual reality or autonomous vehicles, are also changing the operations of the business world radically.

“We constantly improve our knowledge regarding the methodologies of mobile and web software developing, but in addition, our important goal is to remain a leading company in trends determining the future as well. In our offices we test and develop our innovative technologies in physical and virtual labs. The other day we opened our VR demonstration room, where our clients can get acquainted with the VR trends, but we also develop chatbot solutions, for instance.”

The company believes that the future of today’s successful companies depends on how successfully they can react to the challenges of the digital future and how successfully they can transform their operation and services.

“It is a great challenge for a company, because the transformation of a bigger organization can last years, so the proper date of reacting to the prospective world of 2020 is today.”

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