According to, the Ifjú Szívek (Young Hearts) Dance Theatre of Bratislava was the only dance company from Hungary and Slovakia to get a chance to perform their Finetuning at the Avignon Festival.

They already had five performances and they’ll continue to perform for 18 more nights – they are always up on stage at 10:15 pm in the Espace Alya Theatre. They perform the concert choreography of Hégli Dusan, art director, titled Finetuning, which was accepted with standing ovation from the audience.

The point of Finetuning is the visualization of music in dancing. The concert choreography is a new genre, which unfolds in the visualization of dance and movements alloyed with music. You can see the unique symbiosis of the dancers and a classical string quartet on the stage.

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Director Hégli Dusan said, after the first four performances, that they prepared an experiment which comes hand in hand with risks. “After the fourth performance I can say that the show is very successful.” He added that they get very positive feedback. The French audience sang for joy at all performances, which is a great honour.

Finetuning tells about feelings, which we all know very well and which need fine tuning, from time to time, in our souls. Out of the movements of the performance, the first shows the relationship between music, dance, sounds and movements, while the second touches on the topics of exclusion, hypocrisy or abuse in the family without taboos.

The Avignon Festival is visited by more than half a million theatre-goers every year, four thousand registered theatre directors, critics and professionals, who pick shows for the biggest and most prestigious theatres of Europe and the world. So everyone is there who has a name in the profession. And these are the hopes of the Ifjú Szívek Dance Company. Regarding the future and their possibilities, Konrád Rigó, the communications and financial manager of the company said that “if the constellation of stars is right, then Finetuning and Avignon can be the beginning of a new era.”

The Ifjú Szívek Dance Company is the significant workshop of the Hungarian folk dance movement in the Carpathian Basin and the Hungarian cultural life and dance art in Slovakia. One of the main merits of the company is that they present and strengthen the traditional dance and music culture of Middle Europe as a social value through their performances.


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