According to, a joint declaration was made by many artists of contemporary Hungarian literature and visual arts, who are protesting against sugardaddy intermediary website,, to gain any kind of space in Hungary.

The concept of this web page is to connect young women with older and rich men (rarely reversing the sexes). Contemporary artists come into the picture because Péter Weiler, also known for his artistic work, is behind the website. (Also Zsolt Hernádi MOL chief appeared as an investor, handling EU funds, of which the EU inspectors were not in favour.)

According to the protectors of the project it is all about adult people dating, therefore there is nothing wrong with it; at the same time, many believe that these kids of projects operate on using the existential uncertainty of young girls who are often still studying by practically guiding them towards prostitution. Because of similar reasons, Belgian ministers would ban local sugardaddy intermediaries using legal measures.

The manifesto signed by dozens of contemporary artists states that:

The sugar daddy and sugar baby campaign offends human dignity in every possible respect, handles sexuality as a product, and offers a dangerous and derogatory perspective to the young generation. Because of the owerlap in the circle of owners, the actors in Hungarian cultural life also feel responsibility. Therefore we demand that advertisements promoting the campaign be removed from all public interfaces and that a procedure be initiated to clarify the possibility of funding a dating site acting as an active supporter of prostitution using public finances.

The declaration was signed by Zsófia Bán, Krisztina Bódis, Virág Erdős, László Garaczi, Lóránt Kabai, Bori Rutkai, Lilla Sárosdi, Árpád Schilling, Anna Wessely and Virág Zomborácz, besides many more.


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