Hungary army

On Sunday with personnel drawn mainly from the HDF 25th Klapka György Infantry Brigade (Tata) – the Hungarian contingent deployed to Estonia to participate in Exercise Training Bridge 2017.

The Hungarian contingent was transported by a C-17 Globemaster III cargo aircraft. The close-to two-hour flight was uneventful, and the airplane landed safely at Tartu airport in northern Estonia.

The Estonian military press interviewed the commander of the contingent, Lt.-Col. Zoltán Fekets at the airport. He told the press that “the main objective of the company-strong force taking part in the exercise is to conduct platoon and company-level cohesion training out in the field, in an international environment.”

The Hungarian contingent was transferred by bus from the airport to the barracks, which will serve as the soldiers’ base during the three months of the exercise.

Photo: Viktor Kapás

Source: Kapás

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