According to, for the first time in the history of Hungarian parachuting, the parachute team of the Hungarian Defence Forces has won a gold medal in accuracy landing and become World Military Parachuting Champion in Team Accuracy. The team members are Capt. Tamás Bánszki, WO Tamás Varga, WO Gábor Hirschler, Sgt. Szabolcs Gál and volunteer operational reservist WO István Asztalos.

The website of Hungarianambiance said, organized by the International Military Sports Council (CISM), the 40th World Military Parachuting Championship was held in Kubinka, Russia between 17-29 July. Tuesday saw the end of the accuracy landing event, in which the team of the Hungarian Defence Forces was placed first from among 26 entrants, and won a gold medal.

The competition consists of ten rounds, and the participants attempt to land on, or as close as possible to the center of a target. The number of deviations is recorded in centimeters. All five members of a team jump in each round. Standings are obtained by adding the penalty points of the four best results of the team on each of the jumps. It is characteristic of the landing accuracy that the Hungarian team had only 26cm (points) in 50 jumps, while the runner-up Russian team 27cm. The two teams were in a tie for the first place during the whole competition, but thanks to their great concentration, it was the Hungarian athletes that finally won the event.

A total of 132 competitors entered the individual accuracy landing event, and the first four of them achieved the same results, so the second placing had to be determined. Capt. Tamás Bánszki and WO Tamás Varga were among these four, and as they were tied, they both finished fourth. The team returned to Hungary from the championship on 29 July.


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