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Over 40% of Hungarians who were polled said that they would not get vaccinated even if it was required for work.

As napi.hu reports, based on the findings of the newest Randstad Workmonitor survey, among the 34 nations within its scope, Hungarian workers were the 3rd least willing to get inoculated. 59% of respondents said that they would get the vaccine if it was necessary for work, far below the global average of 75%. The two nations where even lower figures were registered are Switzerland and France, with 56% and 57% of those polled saying that they would sign-up for the jab for employment reasons, respectively. Employees in China, India and Brazil seem to be the most motivated to get the vaccine, as over 90% of them said that they were willing to do so.

The key to understanding the stark differences between countries might lie in the demands of the labour market. For instance, in India, 74% of employees said their workplace expected them to get vaccinated, while globally, almost one-quarter of respondents agreed with this statement.

In Hungary, the figure is minuscule: 6%.

Apparently, some employers took a more lax but still motivating approach to inoculation, as slightly more than one-third of Hungarian employees reported that they were being encouraged at work to accept a vaccine. However, that still puts the Hungarian figure under the global average of 46%. 42% of Hungarians said that being vaccinated helped or would help their job prospects, which is, again, slightly lower than the international average of 56%.

It seems that Hungarians are not particularly worried about their colleagues being vaccinated:

only 33% of respondents said that they would not feel safe at work until all their coworkers were inoculated, tying with Switzerland for the last place. On average, 48% of Europeans agreed with this statement, while the global average turned out to be 53%.

As Pénzcentrum writes, while a great part of the survey was concerned with the perception of the coronavirus vaccine, respondents were also asked about the effects of the home office. 48% of Hungarians said that they struggled with maintaining a healthy work-life balance, which seems to be much less of a problem around the world, as every other country reported lower figures in response to this question. Getting work done at home, however, is not a problem for most Hungarians, as only one-fifth of respondents stated that they were having difficulties of this kind. But it is not a joy either, as 80% of individuals polled would return to their workplace immediately if they could.

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Source: napi.hu, penzcentrum.hu

  1. PROBLEM : almost 40% of Hungarian workers REFUSE to get vaccinated against COVID-19.

    SOLUTION : no vaccination = no ‘immunity card’ = NO WORK (except on road construction).

  2. Alfred E. Neuman, whom made you the dicktator of the Hungarian nation? People should have every right to refuse a vaccine that is NOT proven to work and was rushed onto the stage with no testing. Furthermore BIG PHARMA cannot be sued if their chemical cocktails kill or maim the recipients. The people of this planet are being used as LABORATORY RATS. NO THANKS!

    You know you should read up about the Nuremberg war crime trials and the medical experiments forced upon camp detainees. Wonder why some of the participants were executed or incarcerated for their parts?

  3. Who made Alfred Neuman the health minister of Hungary? You have no right to tell or compell ANYONE to do ANYTHING!

  4. AlfredE. Neuman should be banned from Daily News Hungary facility to comment.
    The attitude of this individual demonstrates his deplorable respect for human life and just focuses on his sick demented outlook on life which must be a misery of a life-style, one of loneliness and isolation lacking in friendships of intelligence and quality.

  5. Sophia, Jack and ‘NOT’ ME’ should just keep quiet or they too might get into trouble like myself !

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