Since it is Easter Holiday now, the Játé webshop made a survey about how Hungarian families keep the Easter traditions. The webshop would also like to see what type of presents girls usually give and boys get for Easter. 1000 mothers were questioned in the survey.

Three quarters of Hungarian families still keep the old traditions even now like sprinkling water and decorating eggs as well.One third of the interviewed conscecrateThe Easter ham, eggs and milk loaf. Interestingly, only 10% of the respondants take part in the typical Easter festival procession. Two third of little girls expect boys to sprinkle them with parfume. However, 6% of the boys use water instead of perfume. Moreover, girls sometimes give money to boys for sprinkling them, statistically 6out of 10, thus their average money earned from sprinkling is about HUF 2500.

The most traditional Easter present is the chocolate: 93% of the respondents give candies and sweets to their children while 86% of them buy toys as Easter gifts. Families usually spend about HUF 2000 on chocolates, HUF 2000-4000 on toys but one third of the families plan to spend even more! According to another survey, last year half of the customers bought the Easter chocolates in hypermarkets.

Last but not least, the most important question at Easter is to buy or not to buy bunny- a real rabbit. Every second family replied that they have already had to deal with the bunny-problem because a real rabbit needs continuous care and attention. Every fifth family buys a cute rabbit for their child at Easter. On the contrary, nobody encourages families to buy real rabbits for the holidays only.

Neither the Budapest Zoo and Botanical Garden nor the Noé asylum has recieved rabbits anymore due to the fact that after the holidays most families usually has given the animals back for years.

According to the Budapest Zoo and Botanical Garden, what families should do is to inquire about how to keep these animals at home in case they had already bought them.

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by Valentina Leanyfalvi


Photo: MTI


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