A Hungarian man murdered his 3 year-old daughter and her mother in Bonn-Plittersdorf, Germany. The murdered was shot dead by the police, as Faktor.hu states.

According to Bonner Rundschau, the man stabbed the woman first in the stomach multiple times, then suffocated the child.

It occurred in Martin Luther King Street, a quite calm street near the Rhine. The neighbors have noticed the noise on the first floor of the apartment building on Monday afternoon around 5 pm, and they called the police immediately. The officers rang the doorbell of the Hungarian family’s residence, but no one opened the door, so they called for backup. Finally, the firefighters broke the door.

The police found the dead bodies of the 3 year-old girl and the 39 year-old woman, while the perpetrator locked himself up in another room. He later opened the door, but only to assault the police with a knife. “And then came the strife,” as one of the police spokesmen told. They opened fire in retaliation and shot the man. The 40 year-old attacker died from his injuries soon after that.

According to police spokesmen, the man and the woman both worked at Telekom, and no reports were received earlier about domestic violence or loud argument between the members of the family. The motive of the murder is yet unknown, the police keep on investigating.

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Source: Faktor.hu, Bonner Rundschau

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