As Index reports a Hungarian short film The Sound of Concrete (Betonzaj), directed by István Kovács, won the Grand Prix at the International Student Film Festival in Pisek, on Sunday.

60 films were on screen in the last round of the four days-long festival, and the Hungarian work was chosen as winner by the international jury. The festival also awarded films of South-Korean, Argentine, German and Russian origin in different categories.

The main character of the 30 minutes long The Sound of Concrete is a kick-boxer girl whose dream is to continue her career in Germany with his lover, who also happens to be her coach. All she has to do is win an upcoming championship, but two weeks before that she finds out that she is pregnant, and does not know what to do anymore.

The Sound of Concrete was awarded asthe  best short film at the Hungarian Film Week back in March and also won the main award at BuSho Budapest Short Film Festival in September. The work was screened in many festivals. Last year Hajni Kis got the Grand Prix with her 20 minutes long documentary 2nd floor.

The Sound of Concrete is a perfectly directed short film with elementary power, which lacks a bad move, step, cut, theatrical gesture, and is simply good the way it is.

–wrote Index about the film.


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Source: Index

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