The record number of wildfires that are currently destroying the Amazon rainforests have been all over the media worldwide. This is a global issue which affects the whole planet. Everybody tries to help out in any way possible. Hungarian firefighters also unite to offer help.

Hungarian firefighters are encouraging each other to unite and help to put out the Amazon wildfires, reports. One firefighter named Péter Váli started recruiting volunteers on Facebook. He wrote in a post:

“Attention, colleagues! I am writing to every retired firefighter or the ones still on duty. The lungs of the Earth, the Amazon rainforest is on fire. We could contribute to saving our Earth, our home by fighting the flames if we would have the opportunity to go to Brazil. Is there anyone who would volunteer?”

Tűzoltó Kollégák Figyelem!!!!Szólok most minden olyan Tűzoltóhoz,akik már nyugdíjasok illetve még aktívak.Lángokban áll…

Nai-post ni Váli Péter noong Sabado, Agosto 24, 2019

Retired firefighter Rudolf Jambrik, who took on the responsibility to organise and coordinate the Hungarian firefighting team, told Blikk that there are a lot of great firefighters available in Hungary. However, this mission requires thorough preparation.

He also said:

“It is no question whether I would help or not. However, this offer is only just a gesture so far. At this point, the fire is being extinguished from the air. Further action on the ground will be needed after the flames have been tamed, to put out the smoulders.”

Express writes that wildfires are frequent in the dry season in Brazil, but they can also be started deliberately in efforts to deforest land for cattle ranching illegally. Over 73,000 fires have been detected so far this year. It is almost impossible to predict when exactly the current blaze started. However, on August 15, there was a sharp increase in the number of fires.


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