Barcelona, 2017. augusztus 17. Sebesült férfi mellett emberek Barcelonában 2017. augusztus 17-én, miután egy fehér furgon járókelõk közé hajtott a járdára a katalán fõváros Las Ramblas negyedében. Legalább egy ember életét vesztette, harmincketten megsebesültek. (MTI/EPA/David Armengou)

Thursday’s terror attack in Barcelona draws attention to the fact that the growing threat of terrorism in Europe affects all countries on the continent, Hungary’s foreign minister said. 

“It is obvious to everyone that there is a link between illegal migration and terrorism,” Péter Szijjártó told MTI on Friday.

Europe must protect itself and guarantee the security of Europeans, Szijjártó said. This requires the strengthening of Europe’s Schengen borders and changing Brussels’ migration policy, he insisted.

The Hungarian government will continue to do everything it can to contribute to restoring Europe’s security by protecting the external borders and curbing illegal migration, the minister said.

After Barcelona attack, Hungary’s president, prime minister and parliamentary speaker have expressed their condolences to their Spanish counterparts over the terror attack in Barcelona on Thursday afternoon.

Photo: MTI/EPA/David Armengou

Source: MTI

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