Frightening: Bomb threats and evacuations in several schools in Hungary

See here which schools across the country were affected by the bomb threats.

Outrageous: Teenager arrested for planning mosque attack in Hungary – VIDEO

The 15-year-old boy from Érd was planning an attack on a mosque in Hungary. #teenager #terrorism

Government increased the threat of terrorism in Hungary? – here is the official answer

The counter-terrorism force has made a statement on the threat of terrorism in Hungary:

BREAKING NEWS – Terror alert heightened in Hungary, says pro-government site – UPDATE

According to Magyar Nemzet, the terror alert level in Hungary has been heightened following Sunday’s Defence Council meeting. However, the government has yet to issue an […]

Orbán cabinet expresses its condolences to Russia for the attack in Moscow

No mention of the Russian bombings that terrorise Ukraine on a daily basis...

Hungarian victim in Moscow terror attack?

Hungarian victim in the Moscow terrorist attack committed by the Islamic State? Here is Foreign Minister Péter Szijjártó's answer. #IslamicState #Moscow #terrorism #Russia #government #ViktorOrbán

Hungary stands up for peace at the UN General Assembly, but not for Palestine

Hungary continues to stand for peace, dialogue, but...

Hungarian government spends billions in South-East Asia

Hungarian government supports and investments in all over the world #foreignminister #economy

State secretary Azbej talks about Christian persecution in Europe

"It is important to break the silence and to say out loud that this is Christian persecution," Tristan Azbej said. #christian #religion

18+ VIDEO: terrorist attack in Ukrainian region populated by Hungarians – UPDATED

The terrorist attack comes after PM Orbán rejected the European Union's EUR 50 bn help for Ukraine.

Wanted terrorist arrested in Hungary

A Turkish man, aged 23, wanted for murder and belonging to an armed terrorist organisation has been apprehended in Hungary #Türkiye #terrorism #police

Government working on the release of 2 more Hungarian hostages

#Hamas has made it clear that only women and children would be released for now, and...

Hungarian defence minister: Chad security vitally important

"Hungary will play special attention to EU participation in the #Sahel during its presidency of the European Union Council." #africa #chad

Hungarian government demands release of Hamas’s Hungarian hostages – UPDATE

"We demand that #Hamas release the hostages and that the international community do everything it can to secure their release"

Latest poll: Hungarians worry about Islamist terrorism and sympathise with Israel

Could #Islamist #terrorism resurface in Europe in the near future? Hungarians think so #palestine #israel #middleeast #survey

Report on migration–terrorism connection made public in Hungary

"We must act against terrorism by all means! The EU must support Hungarian border protection! We need a new migration policy in Brussels!" #terrorism #migration #fidesz #border

Secret Hungarian report about terrorism, migration to be published

A report assessing the connection between illegal migration and terrorism, compiled by the secret services, will be made public #terrorism #migration #secretservices #government

Hamas present in Hungary: their agent worked from Budapest

According to a Bangladesh-based newspaper, Hamas has had an agent in Budapest for years. He was laundering and collecting money for them. #hamas #hungary #budapest

Hungarian citizens also taken hostage by Hamas in Israel

Hungarian-Israeli mother's 8 and 15-year-old daughters taken hostage by terrorists on 7 October... #Israel #Hamas #terrorism

Hungarian governing Fidesz presents a declaration against Hamas and illegal migration

"Hungary condemns terrorists and is on the side of the victims"