Szimonetta Zombori
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She makes mesmerising art using some unusual materials. 


Szimonetta Zombori discovered her artistic vein already at a young age. Most kids like to draw and paint, but not all of them build their own brand around it later. That is exactly what she did in the United Kingdom. 

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It was rather obvious that she needed to study in an artistic direction. That is how she moved to Szeged to finish high school as a stone sculptor. However, she felt that it was not exactly the right path for her.


“I tried to find a creative way to express myself through my art. It led me to get a professional food sculptor qualification.” 

This is her website, where she showcases her works. 

At the course, she learnt how to hold the knife, how to carve flowers and leaves. She mostly likes to work with melon and pumpkin, but

she mastered carving cheese, avocado, and even broccoli.

For the last seven years, she gained experience with many different materials and mastered her skills to become one of the leading professionals. Today, she can carve anything into fruits, let it be a flower or the face of a famous artist.

She is not only professional but getting more and more recognition, as well. 

“I managed to achieve that some big companies like L’Oréal come back to me each year”,

she told us. Szimonetta is the one who prepares the Halloween decoration in London for the internationally known company. 

She was also lucky enough to work with some big brands such as Google, Aldi, and Carlsberg. 


Last year, she discovered a new material, soap, that she learnt to love very much, so it became part of her portfolio. 

“It became prevalent because each soap is unique. You can not buy them anywhere because no one makes them.”

While the coronavirus pandemic destroyed many businesses, the lockdown situation brought a new challenge, and together with it, a new business into her life. She received more and more enquiries to prepare special gift and hamper boxes. It gave her the idea to

expand her services and led to the creation of her very own brand: Rosegold & Grey artisan gifting. 

The idea behind her own business is the combination of her love for chocolate and the enjoyment it brings to her to make and paint artisan chocolate bars. Her 3D, painted chocolate bars are unique both in Hungary and in England. She started to create bespoke gift boxes for her products, as the appropriate packaging that her carvings and her customers deserve. 

Szimonetta never stops dreaming big; she always has a plan to execute. The next step for her is to open a chocolate and gift shop. 


“I want to create a place where women in business can meet and have a perfect spot with a great atmosphere, coffee, and chocolate. “

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Source: Szimonetta Zombori, Facebook, YouTube

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