Flóra Borsi’s photo soon will be seen in one of the most famous museums of the world. The 22-year-old photographer shared the good news on Facebook on Saturday, szeretlekmagyarorszag.hu said.

“One of my pictures will be exhibited in the Louvre, Paris!!!”

Flóra contested at Exposure Award, where you could vote for the advancers. She could receive 53 from the total of 100 votes. However, in spite of this, she got into the second round. It means one of her selected photos will be exhibited in the Louvre, and it will also be in the Exposure Award book.

The selected picture is the first piece of the 2015 photo series Velave. You can see more pictures on the own site of the photographer.

The final announcement of results will be on June 23, this time it will be revealed who will get the grand prize in the final round.

For Flora, the Time Travel photo series brought the fame. Now, she started another “time travel”. She manipulated the photos with the figures of the past. In her newest series, she presented the historical faces of Detroit, szeretlekmagyarorszag.hu said.

“What if these people from the past could see their favorite places? Can Detroit still rise? I hope so” – she writes on her photos which were taken the last time she visited the USA.

Previously, a guest lecturing position was offered for the young girl there, but she decided to finish her studies at the Moholy-Nagy University of Arts in Budapest (MOME) first.

based on the article of szeretlekmagyarorszag.hu
translated by BA

Photos: Flora Borsi website

Source: http://www.szeretlekmagyarorszag.hu

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