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Government Spokesperson Zoltán Kovács takes the view that Brussels must be interested in what the Hungarian people have to say, and it is important what their message will be at the referendum to be held on 2 October.

Mr Kovács said on the Friday morning programme of the public service television news channel M1 that we saw in the context of Brexit: if the people’s opinions, will and feelings regarding how things go in the European Union are disregarded, it may have consequences such as that a Member State decides to leave the EU.

The Government Spokesperson highlighted: on 2 October the Hungarian people will have to decide on a specific question, namely: who should have the powers – which have never been removed from national competence – to decide who may live in the territory of a given country? Mr Kovács believes that this decision will be unavoidable and unquestionable for Brussels which it will have to take into consideration also from the respect of the EU’s future, in order to determine how it should change the failed policy which it is pursuing regarding the issue of migration.

He also mentioned that in the past more than six months the left, but to some extent Jobbik, too, have done their utmost to make sure that the referendum on the forced relocation of migrants should not be valid and successful. Mr Kovács remarked that the question arises: what sort of a democrat is it who calls into question the most democratic forum for stating one’s opinion? He took the view that the extraordinary parliamentary session initiated by Jobbik for Monday, too, serves the purpose of cancelling the referendum, despite the fact that the people have the right to have a say. Consequently, on Monday, as he said, “for the sake of formality, there will be someone in Parliament to represent Fidesz, but we shall not provide the majority and the attendance that is necessary for the adoption of a decision”.


Mr Kovács further said on the programme 180 minutes of Kossuth Rádió that economic and social conditions have fundamentally changed since the financial crisis in 2008, and challenges have multiplied since the onset of the migration crisis. He mentioned as an example that a number of issues will have to be reviewed in the context of the social care system and the pension system. The person and team to deal with these issues will be appointed in the coming weeks.

In answer to a question concerning the Residency Bond Programme, the Government Spokesperson pointed out: the granting of the residency permit is tied to the most stringent possible national security screening.

Source: – Press release

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