referendum on migrant quotas


Hungarian Justice Minister welcomes referendum initiative on EU migration politics

"Member States should now get back their legal sovereignty on migration issues" - says the referendum 🇪🇺↔️🇭🇺 #migration #europe #europeanunion

Govt spox: Dispute over EU migrant quotas against original spirit of Europe

"threat to withdraw cohesion funding indicates a fundamental misunderstanding of why the EU came into being"

Survey shows international press very critical of Hungary

Budapest, February 9 (MTI) – A survey by the Nézőpont Institute showed that 60 percent of reports about Hungary in the German press were critical in […]

EU leaders summit – Orbán: Plans of refugee camps outside EU gaining support

Brussels, December 15 (MTI) – The plan to set up refugee camps outside the territory of the European Union is gradually gaining support, Prime Minister Viktor […]

Fidesz-Christian Democrats ask Orbán to veto migrant quotas at EU summit

Budapest, December 15 (MTI) – The ruling Fidesz-Christian Democrats asked Prime Minister Viktor Orbán to represent the position of fully rejecting the European Union quota for […]

Orbán plans to veto mandatory migrant quotas?

Budapest, December 15 (MTI) – Hungarian Prime Minister Viktor Orbán prepares for vetoing the mandatory migrant quotas at the upcoming EU summit meeting, state secretary of […]

Hungarian government: fierce EU debate expected over migrant quotas

Budapest, November 17 (MTI) – Government office chief János Lázár has said European Union member states were likely to have a fierce debate over whether the […]

Jobbik resubmits the constitutional bill

It was exactly seven months ago, on April 12, 2016 when Jobbik first tried to protect Hungary from the mandatory migrant allocation quota by amending the […]

BREAKING NEWS – Constitutional bill about migrant qouta fails in the Hungarian parliament – UPDATE

Budapest, November 8 (MTI) – The government’s constitutional amendment bill seeking to ban the settlement of “foreign populations” in Hungary failed on Tuesday to secure the […]

Hungarian foreign minister: ‘Still threat’ of EU migrant quotas, constitutional amendment needed

Budapest, November 6 (MTI) – The “threat” of European Union migrant quotas “has not gone away” and the issue again will be on the agenda of […]

Hungarian parliament to vote on constitutional amendment on Nov. 8

Budapest, November 3 (MTI) – Parliament will vote on the seventh amendment of the constitution on November 8, with a view to preventing the European Union […]

Orbán: Constitutional amendment ‘national cause’

Budapest, October 28 (MTI) – The issue of amending the constitution in light of the Oct. 2 referendum on EU migrant quotas is a national one […]

Three party groups agree on constitutional amendment bill text

Budapest, October 26 (MTI) – Fidesz, its ruling ally Christian Democrats and opposition Jobbik have agreed on the text of the constitutional amendment bill, though some […]

Government’s regular press briefing – Defence of southern border, new Budapest hospital, constitutional amendment

The government has decided to award 29.4 forints (EUR 96m) of supplementary funding to the interior ministry for the protection of the Serbia-Hungary border, the government […]

Lefitst DK leader informs EU diplomats about referendum, constitutional amendment

Budapest (MTI) – Ferenc Gyurcsány, leader of the leftist Democratic Coalition (DK), on Wednesday informed the EU countries’ diplomats accredited to Hungary about the recent EU […]

Ruling parties expect compromise will lead to amended constitution

Budapest, October 12 (MTI) – A compromise can be achieved to secure the two-thirds majority support required for the planned constitutional amendment to block the application […]

Here are the results of referendum on EU migrant quotas

Budapest (MTI) – The National Election Committee on Tuesday established with an unanimous decision the results of the Oct 2 referendum on European Union migrant quotas. […]

Ruling parties, Jobbik reach agreement on constitutional amendment proposal

Budapest, October 11 (MTI) – The ruling Fidesz and KDNP parties and opposition Jobbik came to an agreement on the government’s constitutional amendment proposal in connection with […]

Orbán submits constitutional amendment proposal on migrant quotas

Budapest, October 10 (MTI) – Prime Minister Viktor Orbán on Monday submitted a constitutional amendment proposal in connection with European Union migrant quotas. The proposals contain […]

Interview – Orbán to submit constitutional amendment on Monday

Budapest, October 9 (MTI) – Prime Minister Viktor Orbán said he will submit on Monday an amendment to the constitution to lawmakers to reflect the outcome […]