referendum on migrant quotas


Hungarian Justice Minister welcomes referendum initiative on EU migration politics

"Member States should now get back their legal sovereignty on migration issues" - says the referendum 🇪🇺↔️🇭🇺 #migration #europe #europeanunion

Govt spox: Dispute over EU migrant quotas against original spirit of Europe

"threat to withdraw cohesion funding indicates a fundamental misunderstanding of why the EU came into being"

Survey shows international press very critical of Hungary

Budapest, February 9 (MTI) – A survey by the NĂ©zĹ‘pont Institute showed that 60 percent of reports about Hungary in the German press were critical in […]

EU leaders summit – Orbán: Plans of refugee camps outside EU gaining support

Brussels, December 15 (MTI) – The plan to set up refugee camps outside the territory of the European Union is gradually gaining support, Prime Minister Viktor […]

Fidesz-Christian Democrats ask Orbán to veto migrant quotas at EU summit

Budapest, December 15 (MTI) – The ruling Fidesz-Christian Democrats asked Prime Minister Viktor Orbán to represent the position of fully rejecting the European Union quota for […]

Orbán plans to veto mandatory migrant quotas?

Budapest, December 15 (MTI) – Hungarian Prime Minister Viktor Orbán prepares for vetoing the mandatory migrant quotas at the upcoming EU summit meeting, state secretary of […]