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Budapest, December 15 (MTI) – Hungarian Prime Minister Viktor Orbán prepares for vetoing the mandatory migrant quotas at the upcoming EU summit meeting, state secretary of government communication Bence Tuzson told the daily Magyar Idők on Thursday.

“After the referendum, we have no other option. If there can be a veto, we will veto [the decision],” he said.

“However, the European bureaucrats led by the [European] Commission . may circumvent the prime ministers and parliaments elected by the public, for instance by enforcing through the European Parliament the mandatory settlement of migrants. If migration is defined as an issue concerning internal security, the Commission may submit it to the Justice and Home Affairs Council, which makes decisions with a simple majority,” Tuzson said.

The state secretary said that Brussels should listen to the voice of the public.

“It becomes increasingly evident in both Hungary and the other states that the policy of the European and western elite goes against the public will,” he said.

Asked about corruption charges against government members, Tuzson said that “if a country makes political and economic achievements, the opposition tries to discredit those who have a major share in making the country stronger.”

Concerning ongoing investigations, he said that “those who are found to be corrupt have no place in the governing parties. All cases where suspicion arises should be investigated by the authorities.”

Source: MTI

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