A governmental order would like to make the situation of small beer manufacturers better. The law aims to minimally set back major beer companies from signing exclusive contracts with bars and pubs and to provide a place for lesser-known manufacturers’ products on the shelves. 

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Index reported that the Hungarian Parliament is set to decide the order in a few days. The order includes bars and festivals which, if the law should pass, need to allow a spot for alternative beer names in their drink selections — including draft beers — or need to provide a 20% of the sale in alternative beers and make them more popular among guests. Although major pubs and beer companies are not against the plan, some of them already raised their voices.

One should open a pub in Hungary by signing a contract with important names in the beer industry like Heineken or Borsodi to get financial support, beer supplies and merchandise products.

To set back in part this process the Government of Hungary presents the order in front of the politicians. In the United States of America, the law passed, and people reported that more and more beer options are available in pubs which gives them an excellent reputation because of a wide choice of selections. Furthermore, as the popularity of alternative beer manufacturers raised more employment was needed, and companies hired thousands of, before the order passed, unemployed citizens. 

Unfortunately, small Hungarian beer companies only own the 5–6% of the market while major names even 85–90%. The top three are Asahi (Dreher), the Heineken, and the Molson Coors Brewing Company (Borsodi). Many believe that the order was made to support Csíki Sör and to make it big on the market of beers. 

To keep up a pub approximately 3,000 EUR is needed. Many owners believe that if the order passes, they need to cut back the support from major beer companies and as a result, their income would decrease. Others though see the good side of the order, similarly to the USA, to provide a great variety of choice of beers unlike many pubs and bars currently. 

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Hungarian beer among the best three in Europe

At the most significant and famous beer competition, called Brussels Beer Challenge, the Hungarian Kőszegi Beer’s product (Kőszeg is a town located in Vas County) became the third best beer in Europe and the first Hungarian beer to achieve this unique title. The first beer challenge was held in 2012. This event aims to support quality beers and to strengthen this industrial sector in every part of the world. It is also a great opportunity for countries’ breweries, as they can introduce themselves to the world.


Source: www.index.hu

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