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At the most significant and famous beer competition, called Brussels Beer Challenge, the Hungarian Kőszegi Beer’s product (Kőszeg is a town located in Vas County) became the third best beer in Europe and the first Hungarian beer to achieve this unique title.

The first beer challenge was held in 2012. This event aims to support quality beers and to strengthen this industrial sector in every part of the world. It is also a great opportunity for countries’ breweries, as they can introduce themselves to the world.

According to, the competition was held at Mechelen Brewery not far from the Belgian capital city. After the competition, the prizes were given to the winners at the Food Expo in Gent. This was the seventh Beer Challenge in the history of the competition, and more then forty-eight countries took part in it from all over the world. An overall 1522 beers competed for the unique title. The jury consisted of eighty-eight members, who decided on the best beers by strict rules. Many of them were world-famous beer experts.

Several beer brands took part in the competition, many of them are famous all over the world, and some of them took part in this challenge to become known publicly.

Kőszegi Beer’s Vienna Lager won the bronze medal at the competition in the category of lagers. The prize was presented to András Kiss, the owner and founder of the Hungarian beer brand. This was the first time when Hungary got a prize at the Brussels Beer Challenge.

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The first brewery of Kőszegi Beer was founded in the 18th century. During World War II the factory was destroyed. The brewery was only reborn in 2016 when a young man decided to resurrect Kőszeg‘s beer culture.

The brand’s first product was the award-winning Vienna Lager. Since then, many types of beers are available in its repertoire and won several Hungarian and international awards.

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