Would you have thought that the only drive-in cinema of Budapest is on the top of a shopping center?! Let’s see how it is unique.

In the past, there used to be only one drive-in cinema in Hungary, located at the Northern part of Lake Balaton, in Csopak. However, this was just a tiny version compared to the huge outdoor movie theatres that can be seen in classic Hollywood films. Garden Cinema of Csopak had a capacity of 10 cars, 5-5 cars on each side. By this example, the concept of Hungarian drive-in cinema is exhausted; even though formerly several of them were operating parallelly in Budapest.

Today, there is only one, which can be found on the top of Árkád shopping center in the 14th district of the capital.

Management of the shopping mall had the idea to convert the unutilized uppermost level of the parking lot into a drive-in cinema. Ticket costs HUF 5,500/car; however, its promotional offer cannot be missed as customers receive a voucher of HUF 5,000 that can be used in almost all the shops of the plaza.

As the Hungarian news portal Index describes, organisers realized in time that they have to enhance pleasures to make the relatively high ticket price worthwhile.

Accordingly, two small popcorns and two soft drinks are offered at the entrance. If this is not enough, we get a little flag which can be waved, serving as a sign for skating waiters that we would like to order extra soft drinks, popcorn, gumdrops, Túró Rudi or GrillCorn.

Nonetheless, it’s just the surrounding atmosphere as the focus is on watching the movie. We do not have a traditional film screening experience on the top of Árkád.

If someone would like to enjoy his/her favourite movie under the stars in the evening of a pleasant summer day, then this place is an ideal option.

The experience is like an American-themed restaurant where Stetson-hat and leather boots are placed above all in interior design. However, it must be mentioned that you should not come to Árkád drive-in cinema because of the film screening quality, but to enjoy its unique atmosphere! 😉


Featured image: www.facebook.com/Klasszikradio/

Source: index.hu

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