Európa Kávéház Coffeehouse Café Cukrászda Confectionery Interior Beltér

Although their confectionery is still open for a few more days, Európa Coffeehouse, which is among the most famous cafés in Budapest was closed on 23rd October. One of the café’s employees confirmed the information to

The café near Szent István körút was

closed by the owners on 23rd October.

The confectionery is not yet closed, because they need to execute the orders that have been already established, but between the 10th and 15th of November, the confectionery will be closed as well. The coffeehouse had around 60 employees – said one of the members of the café.

Európa Kávéház Coffeehouse Café Cukrászda Confectionery Interior Beltér

There is a sign on the building saying that, although the establishment has been padlocked, people can still order cakes and cookies and, as they wrote, they will even deliver them to the door.

Európa Coffeehouse has been running for 28 years,

but the building at Szent István körút 7 gave home to a confectionery from very early on. In 1917 a confectionary named Szalai Cakery operated there.

The reason why the story of such establishment ends now, the mentioned employee was unable to answer.

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