The so-called rural or village tourism is still beloved by many, based on the growing popularity of Hungarian holiday villages. If you are staying in Budapest (or anywhere else for that matter), you might consider visiting one of the most beautiful holiday villages of Hungary, Legénd, which is only a few-hour-drive away from the capital. Legénd is an ideal place to re-energize yourself and to have an active holiday, reports.

The village of Legénd with its small number of inhabitants (less than 500) is located in the Southern part of Nógrád County, Hungary. The village is situated among the hills of Cserhát. The village was founded in the 13th century during the rule of the Árpád Dynasty. People of Legénd cherish their traditions and often put their traditional Hungarian costumes on when there is a special occasion (e.g. a village fair).

Women wearing traditional Hungarian costumes

The countryside offers the growing number of people who visit the village a wide variety of activities each season.

The nicest sight of all: mother nature

The main attraction in Legénd is definitely its landscape and the countryside itself. The oak and maple tree forests are especially beautiful this time of the year, as the greenery changes into its beautiful autumnal colours. If you decide to wander into the forests, there are many different types of trails to try.

Have an active holiday

Of course sometimes it is nice to lie on the beach all day, but there are other times when we feel the need to actually do something actively while we are on holiday. For example, hiking is a perfect activity for a long weekend getaway.


There are many biking and hiking trails around this area. For example, one segment of the National Blue Trail goes through the forests of this area.

The National Blue Trail is Hungary’s (and Europe’s) very first long distance hiking trail (1100 km altogether) that goes through the Northern regions of the country from the peak of Írott-kő Mountain to Hollóháza. This is one of the most popular hiking trails in the country.

Naszály is the peak of this particular area, but one can choose to walk along easier, less steep trails as well. West of Legénd, there is a viewpoint which offers a spectacular view.

Legénd also offers various horse riding activities, such as horse riding tours or summer camps. Do not know how to ride a horse? No need to worry, they will teach you. Horse riding classes are offered.


Besides the authentic, old-fashioned houses, the historical baroque churches in the area are worth seeing, such as the Roman Catholic Church or the Evangelic Church. One can also take a long walk and visit the Káldy Castle or the Nyáry Castle. However, Nyáry Castle is in private ownership now, so visitors can only admire the building from the outside.

Káldy Castle

Legénd is an ideal place for a quiet and peaceful weekend getaway when city people leave their worries behind and explore nature.

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