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Budapest, 2018. augusztus 24. Számítógépes programmal, több fotóból összeállított panoráma képen daruk a BudaPart Gate építkezésén a fõvárosi Kopaszi-gáton 2018. augusztus 24-én. A beruházás keretében négy lakó- és egy irodaház épül fel. MTI Fotó: Balogh Zoltán

Home construction costs rose by almost 8 percent last year, daily Magyar Idők said on Thursday, citing annual data compiled by statistics office KSH.

The data show

the average cost of building a family house reached 229,000 forints (EUR 704) per square metre last year.

The cost of building a multi-storey block of flats was 237,000 forints per square meter and the cost of building additions to existing homes was 195,000 forints.

In Budapest, the average cost of building a block of flats stood at 255,000 forints per square metre,

while the cost of building a house was 268,000 forints per square meter.

The costs exclude VAT.

Lawmakers lowered the VAT rate on home construction to 5 percent from 27 percent in 2016, but the rate is set to revert to the former level, which is Hungary’s main VAT rate, from the beginning of 2020.

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Source: MTI/Magyar Idők

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