katinka budapest 2019
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Budapest gave place to the second part of the brand new aquatic event, FINA Champion Swim Series, organised by the International Swimming Federation. Within the framework of the innovative tournament, breathtaking competitions between the biggest swimming stars can be enjoyed by the audience.

On Saturday, the Hungarian team started with two unforgettable victories.

Ajna Késely took the gold medal for her achievement in the 400m freestyle category, followed by Kristóf Milák who won the palm in the category of the 200m butterfly. Additionally, a silver medal was also acquired by the 17-year-old Eszter Békési thanks to her thrilling rush in the finish of the 200m breaststroke section.

The victorious series continued on Sunday as well, when Katinka Hosszú and Boglárka Kapás competed against Franziska Hentke and Alys Thomas in the 200m butterfly category. Despite the Iron Lady’s fantastic start, Thomas took the lead for a while. However, thanks to the legendary finish of the Hungarian ladies, Hosszú took the gold medal while Kapás finished in third place.

Not long after, László Cseh and Kristóf Milák replaced them in the 100m butterfly category opposite Chad Le Clos and Piero Codia.

Chad FINA Champion Swim Series
FINA Champion Swim Series – Chad le Clos, photo: MTI

The strenuous struggle between Milák and Le Clos ended with the victory of the South African swimming star, while Milák enriched the Hungarian team with a silver medal.

The successful series of the second day carried on thanks to Katinka Hosszú who stole the show with an additional gold medal in the 100m backstroke category, competing against Anastasia Fesikova, Georgia Davies and Emily Seebohm.

Nevertheless, the successful day still did not finish there. Being true to the idiom “the Hungarian justice is three”, the Iron Lady finished the day having obtained her third gold medal against Zsuzsanna Jakabos, Siobhan O’Connor and Seoyeong Kim in the 200m individual medley category. According to Hosszú, her time achievements caused the biggest euphoria, though she also feels satisfied for having triumphed over her biggest rival, the South Korean Seoyeong Kim.

FINA Champion Swim Series hosszú budapest
Katinka Hosszú – FINA Champion Swim Series, photo: MTI
milák FINA Champion Swim Series
Kristóf Milák – FINA Champion Swim Series, photo: MTI
FINA Champion Swim Series késely ajna
Ajna Késely, photo: MTI

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