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The European Commission is employing double standards against Hungary, the Czech Republic and Poland with the procedure it plans to initiate before the European Court on the issue of the mandatory migrant quotas, László Trócsányi, the minister of justice, said on Saturday after meeting his Polish counterpart Zbigniew Ziobro in Warsaw. 

If the quota scheme which Donald Tusk, the European Council’s president, has referred to as ineffective and unviable, is enforced in a court procedure,

Poland, along with Hungary and the Czech Republic “will do their best to prevent the enforcement of double standards in Europe,” Trócsányi told MTI by phone. 

Since the quota resolution on distributing migrants is not actually being carried out by the majority of European Union member states, the court procedure announced by the European Commission can be regarded as a political attack, he added.

On Friday, the Hungarian justice minister attended a concert held as part of the closing ceremony of the Hungarian cultural season in Poland, where he noted in his speech that the more than 500 events held in 80 Polish cities were aimed at generating interest in Hungarian culture. He added that the enormous interest shown in the series of events proved that “Hungarian-Polish friendship is a rare treasure.”

Source: MTI

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