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A Hungarian man cycled through seven countries without sleeping

A Hungarian man cycled through seven countries without sleeping

Another Hungarian joined the future Guinness world recorders – we still have to wait for the official announcement for a couple of weeks. writes that the 25-year-old Dávid Kővári from Budapest has cycled more than 500 kilometres through seven countries for 22 hours. The maximum time to accomplish the distance was 24 hours. As for the reason why he applied, he says, he opened the book of world records because he wanted to carry out an outrageous act.

The young gentleman, who works for the software developing company EPAM and was supported by his workplace, said that he was able to make it, although not easily, because he had been practicing for the challenge for a long time. He began in a Polish area and finished in Croatia. The truck drivers were emphatic towards him, they told each other about his attempt on the radio, for this reason they handled the situation unbelievably patiently and almost everyone gave voice to their sympathy with honking and waving when they got passed him.

He said, he hadn’t stopped to sleep, only to relax, eat and loosen his muscles up so that he could keep his tempo.

His route started in Poland, after which he passed the Czech Republic, Slovakia, Hungary, Austria, Slovenia and finishing in Croatia. He completed the 500 kilometres in less than a day.


Starting the last 100 kilometres with his knee being pulled made it even more difficult to accomplish the finishing phase of the distance.

According to him, it was a special experience to cycle in the light of the rising sun in Austria. He was cycling in 5 Celsius degrees so he was freezing.

Dávid does not think it is unlikely that he would take part in a national bike race in the future, but for now he wants to regain those 15-20 thousand calories he has burnt, so now he is relaxing.

Translated by Dorina Haász


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