writes that this was the third year that the international firefighter championship called Toughest Firefighter Alive was held in Békés County. The tasks require incredible shape and persistence, which makes the competition a quite extraordinary spectacle.

It’s great news that the competition had a Hungarian winner: Miklós Ugranyecz, staff sergeant firefighter of Zala County, won the +40 category. Besides Hungarians Austrians, Croatians, Polish, Romanians and Slovakians also participated in the completion organised by the Békés County Disaster Recovery Directory, the “Őrizd a lángot” (“Guard the fire”) Charity and the National Disaster Recovery Sports Club.


The competition aims to attract attention to the work of firefighters with the help of the spectacular events. The majority of the challenging tasks have to be accomplished in protective wear, thus, reminding the audience of the hardships of this profession.

The events include – among others – tasks like the carrying of 15 kg balloons for 20 metres, climbing over a 3 m tall firefighter pale, doing 50-50 hits with a 6 kg hammer, the nipping of a circle from a log with hand saw, and the carrying of a 80 kg doll for 60 metres.


Participants had to accomplish 12 events at the two day long competition. The -30 category was won by Jan Haderka, the 30-40 category was won by Petr Moles, both from from Czech Republic, while the +40 category was won by the Hungarian Miklós Ugranyecz. The Hungarian absolute winner title was awarded to Dániel Horváth, firefighter master-sergeant of Somogy County.


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