Torino, 2017. január 15. Liu Shaolin Sándor (b) és a testvére, Liu Shaoang a rövidpályás gyorskorcsolya Európa-bajnokság férfi 1000 méteres versenye döntõjének végén a torinói Palavela sportcsarnokban 2017. január 15-én. Liu Shaolin Sándor aranyérmet, a fivére ezüstérmet nyert. (MTI/EPA/Alessandro Di Marco)

Speed skating has been an emerging sport in Hungary for some years now, the Hungarian team comes home from most competitions with several medals. This is exactly what happened at the European Short Track Speed Skating Championships held in Torino last week, where they finished with one gold and five silver medals.

Regarding the men’s field, Shaolin Sándor Liu won Hungary’s first European Champion title at 1000 metres. According to, the World Champion (500 metres) athlete also did great in the 3000 metres super final and with his one-one silver medal these make him the most successful skater of the Hungarian team.

“It was a team work, my brother had my back the whole time, so I was able to get quicker and quicker. Our coach told us to help each other if we were to compete in the final. I think it was a very exciting race” said Shaolin Sándor.

His similarly talented brother, Shaoang Liu finished in the second place behind Shaolin at 1000 metres, after winning another silver medal at 1500 metres the previous day.

Out of the women’s team, Andrea Keszler did the best with an individual silver medal at 1000 metres and another silver in relay with Zsófia Kónya, Sára Bácskai and Petra Jászapáti.

The Hungarian team won six medals all together: one gold and five silvers. Congratulations!

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