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László Palkovics, the minister in charge of innovation and technology, discussed auto industry and inter-university cooperation in southwestern China’s Chongqing.

The minister on Sunday attended a Chinese-Hungarian auto industry innovation forum organised by the Hungarian consulate general and the Chongqing Science and Technology Bureau. The forum presented opportunities offered by the Hungarian-Chinese Technology Transfer Centre as well as developments in the “smart auto industry”.

Speaking to Hungarian public media, Palkovics said

most of the Hungarian auto industry’s research and development concerns the development of electronically-controlled vehicle systems.

The minister said Hungary was “particularly strong” on this front, highlighting the unique infrastructure of the self-driving vehicle test track in Zalaegerszeg, in western Hungary.

The minister said he was accompanied on his trip by Zsolt Szalay, head of the department of automobiles and vehicle manufacturing at Budapest’s University of Technology and Economics, who discussed, among other things, inter-university cooperation.

Palkovics also took part in a roundtable discussion on cooperation between Hungarian and Chinese universities.

The event was attended by representatives from 16 universities and 11 other organisations involved in education.

He noted a bilateral agreement reached in 2014 on bringing a Chinese university to Hungary. Under the agreement, the institution would be operated jointly by the two states, which is unparalleled in Europe, he said.

As we wrote yesterday, Foreign ministers Péter Szijjártó of Hungary and Wang Yi of China on Saturday agreed to implement a five-point development plan to further advance Hungarian-Chinese relations, details HERE.

Source: MTI

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