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Eger, 2018. december 19. Kormányellenes tüntetés Egerben 2018. december 19-én. MTI/Komka Péter

Opposition parties and civil groups staged a demonstration against the government in Eger, in northern Hungary, on Wednesday.

The protest, which was attended by a few hundred people, was organised against the recent amendment to the labour code, which organisers referred to as the “slave law” in the online advertisement for the event. The organisers said they were also protesting against the “unabashed theft” which they say is going on in Eger.

The crowd, which proceeded through downtown Eger demanding democracy and press freedom, was addressed in front of ruling Fidesz’s local headquarters by local politicians of the opposition LMP, Socialist, Democratic Coalition, Jobbik and Momentum Movement parties.

The speakers called on Hungarians to unite for the sake of ousting the “Fidesz regime” and Prime Minister Viktor Orbán.

Jobbik‘s Ádám Mirkoczki said

Fidesz’s only real political achievement was that it had united people across the country who want democracy.

MIRKÓCZKI Jobbik MP Hungary
MP Ádám Mirkóczki (Jobbik), photo: MTI


After the passing of the infamous “slave law”, tens of thousands of people marched on the streets to protest it and the Hungarian government in general. Several protests have been organised, but the biggest one was last Sunday, on 16 December. The protest made the news not only in Hungary but all over the world, read more HERE.

Source: MTI

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