Do you like to drink coffee? And to try out new, exciting things? If your answers are yes, then this real speciality from Kalocsa might be for you! In addition to the hazelnut, raspberry, vanilla or even cherry flavoured, this year’s novelty, the new type of coffee from Kalocsa, which may become a Hungaricum, is set to explode on the domestic market.

The inventor of this new speciality is Dávid Németh, a young entrepreneur who would like to promote the reputation of Kalocsa nationwide with his latest creation.

According to HelloVidék, the forced closure in the spring, the restrictions introduced since November, and the takeaway system as a survival strategy for catering establishments, have provided a good base for making a unique coffee speciality that can be tasted not only in cafes. Thus, even in the event of restrictions that may remain in the long term, they could ensure more opportunities to taste the coffee from Kalocsa.

The manager of the coffee shop also talked about the difficulties caused by the epidemic: the closure of the store and the loss of customers, emphasising that the delivery system is not feasible for the cafes in the long-term, which is why a novelty that could boost the business was needed so much.

“Coffee-drinking itself is a social activity that is typically done by two, or three, or even more people at the same time, but since currently you can’t sit and consume your coffee either indoors or outdoors, the real experience is lost”, said Dávid Németh about the long-standing situation of coffee shops.

At the same time, he also revealed the idea that had served as the basis for the new speciality, saying that the secret is in the grind itself.

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Photo: Paprika Manufaktúra

“For example, I put the cinnamon or the paprika in the grind and never in the bottom of the glass. This should be thought of as cooking soup: with water, meat and vegetables separate, the flavours don’t match. On the other hand, if the extra flour is said to “boil in”, its aroma comes out of it, and we will get a very harmonious, silky, soft, connected taste”, explained the shop owner, talking about the process of coffee making with a very apposite analogy.

However, the project has not stopped here yet; there are two other coffee specialities currently in the experimentation phase.

The secret is in the details

The coffee of Kalocsa is much more than a usual coffee for breakfast spiced up with some ground paprika. A lot depends on the selection of the two main ingredients, since the result also varies greatly depending on which ones we use.

The most important thing is the constant, high-quality coffee and paprika, which can be compromised upon but is not worth doing so.

In the case of paprika, it was important for the coffee shop owners to reach an agreement with a producer who could guarantee consistent, steady quality. Perhaps a small producer could occasionally offer a better grind than a big one. Still, if the quality falls next year, for example, due to the weather, the taste and quality of the coffee will also fluctuate, and the coffee makers of Kalocsa would like to avoid that. It is just as important to work with the finest coffee grind possible, turns out from the report of Dávid Németh.

He also added that the very important extra element of the recipe is a little bit of brown sugar that brings out the aroma of paprika in both the sweet and spicy versions.

However, the coffee of Kalocsa is not only local because the main ingredients are from the area. It would have been a great loss as well, to miss the famous hand-painted porcelain cups, coasters and spoons made in the Kalocsa Porcelain Manufactory, which are decorated with motifs from Kalocsa, making the coffee tasting experience even more authentic. Read more HERE about other worldwide known Hungaricums, such as pálinka, verbunkos dance.

The developer of the coffee emphasised, that their main purpose is not to make a profit, but to provide a real domestic experience from Kalocsa for their customers.

But the most important question is, what should the person who decides to taste this exceptional coffee served in nice porcelain from Kalocsa expect?

“If someone has only been drinking cappuccino so far, in vain waiting for the same taste, this is not the coffee they loved x years ago. I recommend it to those who want to try something new, want a little Kalocsa, or to bring something special to their morning and afternoon coffee”, recommends the manager of the local coffee shop.

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By Szidónia Zsiga

Source: HelloVidék

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