Last year, another Hungarian tree, the over 300-year-old downy oak of Bátaszék won the European Tree of the Year competition. This year, the winner of the Hungarian Tree of the Year competition, the plane tree of Jászai Mari Square in Budapest is competing for the title as the Hungarian nominee, writes.

Voting opens on February 1, 2017, and lasts until the 28th. Vote counts in the last week will be kept secret. The results of the competition will be announced at the award ceremony in Brussels on March 21.

According to, the Hungarian competitor is the “most beautiful plane tree of Jászai Mari Square”. The surrounding area became a park in 1903, and was named the “number one ornamental garden of Budapest” in the 1990s, after the park underwent renovations.

The plane tree of Jászai Mari Square. Photo:

The European Tree of the Year competition originates from the Czech Republic where the Tree of the Year competition has a long tradition. The European round consists of the winners of the participant countries’ own competitions.

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Several hundred thousand people participate in the movement each year, and the participant countries have grown from the original 5 to 16. The goal is to turn the protection of trees into an internationally acknowledged issue.

Starting February 1, you can VOTE HERE for the Hungarian plane tree.


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