In one year the number of Hungarian citizens above 65-year-old increased by 52,000 persons which means that the ageing of the Hungarian population is unstoppable. The percentage of 65-year-old Hungarians and above is also higher than the citizens below 14 years.

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Portfólió reported that the official statistics that show the numbers of the population of Hungary estimate that approximately two million Hungarian citizens are above 65-year-old; a number which has not been reported before. The number of people between 14 and 64 years decreased rapidly.

Out of one hundred Hungarians, twenty-two are below 14 years and thirty above 65.

Alongside with the increase of the elderly people in Hungary, the number of young citizens decreases rapidly. The number of these two age groups first became equal in 2005 and since then has been changing year by year. 

For one hundred Hungarians below 14-year-old, there are approximately 137 older people on the other side of the scale. Although the number of young Hungarians decreases by small amounts, it is still a rapid change and leads to an ageing society. 

Hungarian women give birth earlier than the EU average

Interestingly, Italians and the Spanish wait for the longest to have children in the European Union. In 2013, an average woman gave birth to her first child at the age of 28.8, and this number grew to 29.3 by 2018. Based on the newest report by Eurostat, the mean age rising is typical in every member state, but to a different extent.



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