Hungarian handmade chocolate praliné won the world’s first-class ‘gastronomic Oscars prize’, the Great Taste three gold stars within the framework of the London-based GREAT TASTE AWARDS 2019. The award-winner bonbon producer, Sweetic Chocolate Manufactory of Szigetszentmiklós has become the world’s leading chocolate manufacturer by this acknowledgement.

The chocolate master Zala Judit dreamed the red fruit-violet-pistachio combination in a Venezuelan dark chocolate coating. Hungarian praliné has never received such recognition before.

Sweetic Bonbon

As the chocolatier says – “A dream has come true with this award. Over the past five years, we returned with a total of 23 awards from three different world competitions, but never managed to stand on the top of the podium. We are very proud and happy, especially because we obtained world leadership with such an innovative taste combination which is not only my personal favourite but also the most liked by most of our customers. Judges appreciated all the elements of the complex praliné and were extremely fascinated by the balanced taste combination.”

According to, the jury described the bonbons accordingly: “Beautifully decorated, shiny glass balls … in a fragile chocolate shell, red fruits harmony are hidden in a perfectly coloured jelly with excellent consistency; after tasting the velvety, violet aromas, you can feel the perfect creamy, warm, nutty woody pistachio stuffing. All these are thoroughly extracted by the first-class quality, perfectly thin chocolate shell, which is not bitter at all.”

Sweetic Bonbon (4)

Great Taste

Great Taste is the most prestigious, and the largest, most-respected contest of quality food and beverages, established in 1994. The jury of experts decide by ‘blind tasting’, taking into consideration the products’ appearance, texture, flavour combination which are all rigorously tested; but of course, great taste is the primary requirement.

Sweetic Bonbon (5)

The professional jury of the world’s greatest and most severe food tasting contest is made up of 400 independent experts in the field of gastronomy: renowned gastronomic critics, awarded Michelin star chefs, purchasing directors of prestigious department stores (Harrods, Selfridges, Harvey Nicols, Fortnum&Mason, Whole Food Market), who tasted samples of about 12,772 products from February to July.

The tasting process took more than 1,000 hours. To ensure objectivity, the evaluation was based on ‘blind tasting’, during which taste combinations, flavours’ harmony and appearance were examined.

This contest has been known as the gastronomic Oscar for 20 years, where applicants can enter in various product categories.

Sweetic Chocolate Manufactory

The family business was founded in 2013 with the intent to produce high quality and unique design chocolates and sweets. In addition to presenting their business in Szigetszentmiklós, they cooperate with resellers and partners, such as event planning and marketing agencies.

According to the Executive Director, Viktor Zala – “Chocolate makers have set the bar high on Hungarian-level and globally as well; therefore, we are especially proud that now we officially belong to the world’s leaders of chocolate makers. Our chocolates of this year’s competition are new creations that follow the international trend in both taste combination and appearance as well. Judit is continuously training herself and follows national and international gastro trends in order to create the best product.”

2019 is a success year for SWEETIC

Not long after taking the award SHOP OF THE YEAR 2019, Sweetic Chocolate Manufactory of Szigetszentmiklós could attend London Academy of Chocolate Awards 2019 where one silver and two bronze awards have been acquired. This was followed almost immediately by the award ceremony of Great Taste Awards 2019, where besides the world’s first red fruit-violet-pistachio bonbons, their citrus-caramel bonbon was also awarded, by which the number of prizes obtained at world competitions increased to 25.

Sweetic Bonbon (3)

As the Executive Director said – “The results of the past six years, the awards, our summer product lines, the successful introduction of our artisan ice cream are all motivating us for the implementation of our long-term plans; and eventually we will start the franchise line. First, we would like to contract with partners in Budapest and county seats.”

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