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Hungarian produce makes up 80 pc of domestic food sales

Hungarian produce makes up 80 pc of domestic food sales

The government’s target that at least 80 percent of food sold in Hungary should be domestically produced has been reached, the farm minister said in an interview to Wednesday’s Világgazdaság. Another aim that area of farmland cultivated by small farmers should grow at the expense of large holdings is also on track, he said.

Sándor Fazekas noted that even the ingredients used in products such as Coca Cola were sourced domestically.

He added that it was unlikely, however, that the level of imports would sink any further, since there would always be some demand for brands from abroad as well as non-seasonal produce.

The minister noted the reversal in the growth of imported wine, which he called a big achievement.


He also pointed to the growing investments in the Hungarian milk sector and the associated expectation that more products such as flavoured yogurts would be of domestic origin in the future.

On the subject of farmland, Fazekas said the land law had reached its main goals, namely that foreigners cannot buy land and the proportion of large and medium farms has fallen now that family farms have the right to till 80 percent of the land.

Source: MTI

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