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There is a school near Washington where the widely known Pető-method is used in a programme established for disabled children. The school runs thanks to funds and the help of the Baptist Aid who have been there right from the start – reports

The school that operates near Washington employs conductive pedagogical methods that, like the Pető-method, help improve disabled children’s conditions. This special programme was set up with the help of the Baptist Aid organisation and runs thanks to funds.

The Baptist World Alliance secured the building for the school located in Falls Church. As of now, the programme is run only in small groups.

They use music and special techniques that focus on improving movement.

In the summer, there are all-day projects and courses while, in the autumn, programmes are designed for the afternoons so that it can be adjusted to regular school schedules.

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Katalin Szenczy, the head of the school, revealed that

the programme is called FLAME, an acronym: Function Language and Movement Education programme.

Szenczy, along with her coworkers, has also worked with this method in Cambodia, Albania, Vietnam and Mongolia, too, while the Baptist Aid has established a FLAME Centre in Jordan.

Szenczy emphasised that

the goal of the FLAME programmes is to actively involve disabled children in the rehabilitation process

– unlike physiotherapy or equine therapy. The practices and routines along with the repetition of the musical rhythms aim to convince the non-disabled parts of the brain to learn certain tasks and movements, improving chances of rehabilitation.

As of now, similar schools are operating in two states in the US, Michigan and Florida, where American specialists work, trained by Hungarian conductors.

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